Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How do I register?

        Simply click the Register menu item above

      2. How do I get free legal advice?

        Currently, we are only offering services to clients referred through Tragedy Assistance Program for survivors. If you are a Gold Star family, you can find out more about TAPS here:

      3. What is a Virtual Legal Clinic?

        The Justice for Military Families Virtual Legal Clinic (JMF Clinic) is an online tool that will allow military families to submit legal questions through a secure portal.The JMF Legal Clinic is based on the walk-in clinic legal assistance model, where clients request brief advice and counsel about a specific civil legal issue from a volunteer lawyer. Lawyers provide information and basic legal advice without the expectation of long-term representation.

      4. Am I eligible to use the JMF Legal Clinic?

        You are eligible if:

        • You are a member of a military family.
        • Your military affiliation can be verified through
        • You are not requesting assistance with a criminal law matter.
        • You provide the information required in the registration process, including your name and zip code.

        The JMF Legal Clinic may institute other requirements from time to time in order to request advice. Users agree to post no more than 3 legal questions per year.

      5. Who are the lawyers answering my legal question

        The volunteer lawyers are attorneys who generally happen to be married to servicemembers. They are answering your questions and helping you for free. They will only talk about the legal problem you submit through the web site. The lawyer will not help you after that or do anything else for you. You are not hiring the lawyer who answers you. The lawyer will not write letters, make calls or file papers for you. The lawyer will not go to meetings or court for you. If you use this web site, it means you understand this.

      6. After I submit my question, how long will it take for a volunteer lawyer to respond?

        Volunteer lawyers will make every effort to answer your legal question within seven days, but it may take longer than that to connect you with a lawyer who can answer your question.

        What happens if a lawyer cannot answer my question?

        A lawyer might be unable to answer your question for a number of reasons. Some examples might be a conflict of interest, or if the lawyer needs more information, or the question is determined to fall outside the lawyer’s area of expertise. If a lawyer decides that they can’t answer a question, they can contact the site administrator to place the question back into the system so another volunteer lawyer may try to help.

      7. What type of relationship exists between me and the lawyer?

        When you submit a question and get an answer from one of our volunteer lawyers, there will be a limited lawyer/client relationship formed between you and the lawyer who responds. That relationship, however, is limited in scope to providing an answer to the legal question and will not involve any continuing representation beyond the act of providing an answer to your specific legal question. The lawyer is providing short-term, limited legal services to you (the eligible user of this site) without expectation that the lawyer will provide continuing representation in the matter.

      8. What about professional liability insurance coverage?

        Volunteer lawyers who provide brief advice and counsel through the JMF Legal Clinic are covered by professional liability insurance maintained by the Military Spouse JD Foundation, the sponsoring organization of Justice for Military Families. If an issue of malpractice arises, the JMF Legal Clinic  can trace each answered question back to the lawyer who answered it. The JMF Legal Clinic or MSJDF may have to contact lawyers participating in the program from time to time related to this insurance coverage.